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These pages are my shrine to women wearing rubber clothing. All of them are divine .... I wonder if they realise that? They all know how to wear and enjoy rubber. I would simply love to meet a woman dressed like this ... But some of the photos are of men in rubber ....

I have to acknowledge that many of the photographs on the gallery pages are the copyright of other people. I can only beg your forgiveness. My passion for rubber clothing exceeds my sense of responsibility. Please e-mail me and I will remove any images that you specify.

I adore dark-skinned women, so there is a gallery named 'macks - black women'. A lot of these photos come (I think) from the 1960s and 1970s when using dark-skinned models in rubber seemed to be far more popular. If anyone has more old photos like these, please do let me know!

I only have a few pictures of 'rubber nuns', but isn't there something really wicked, subversive and erotic about the image of a nun dressed in rubber ....

The photos of 'rubber walker' are quite a few years old now ... none are particularly good!

But I guess you would just like to look at the galleries now?